• Federal judges boycott Yale law clerks over 'cancel culture,' free spee

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    By Taylor Penley
    Published October 12, 2022

    Some U.S. federal judges are boycotting future Yale Law graduates for
    clerk positions, citing cancel culture concerns.

    Trump-appointed U.S. Circuit Judge James Ho spearheaded the boycott at
    a Federalist Society conference last month, claiming the institution
    "not only tolerates the cancelation of views — it actively practices
    it," according to Reuters.

    "I don’t want to cancel Yale," Ho told the outlet. "I want Yale to stop canceling people like me."

    Ho invited other judges to join his boycott, and the call led Federal
    Appeals Court Judge Elizabeth Branch to announce she would join the
    effort in an Oct. 7 statement to National Review.

    "My friend, Judge Jim Ho, recently raised legitimate concerns about the
    lack of free speech on law school campuses, Yale in particular," she

    "Like Judge Ho, I am gravely concerned that the stifling of debate not
    only is antithetical to this country’s founding principles, but also
    stunts intellectual growth. Accordingly, I accept Judge Ho’s invitation
    to join him in declining to consider students from Yale Law School for clerkships with me,...


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