• House Oversight ranking member 'confident' the Biden family 'committed

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    By FOX Business Staff
    October 10, 2022

    Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., argued Monday that the president's brother,
    James Biden, and son Hunter, were involved in criminal activity while
    he was vice president. Comer told "Mornings with Maria" Monday that
    Biden family members were likely "influence peddling" to help Chinese
    and Ukraine energy companies get a "foothold" on American energy.

    REP. JAMES COMER: We do know that prior to Joe Biden becoming president
    any member of Congress had access to suspicious activity reports. One
    first rule change Joe Biden made when president was to change that
    rule, so Republicans have been blocked from getting the answers as to
    what triggered those 150 suspicious activity reports. Remember that's
    the banks, and there was more than one bank, that notified the federal government that we believe our client has committed a crime. Now he
    [Hunter Biden] had 150 of these from at least four different banks, and
    yet we haven’t seen been able to determine the extent of what exactly triggered suspicious activity reports. We’re going to request these
    again from treasury after the November elections. We are going to
    expect to have these on day one in January.


    The Republicans could have examined those bank activity reports a year
    before Trump left office, if Wray hadn't hid the laptop.

    It seems to me the FBI controls who becomes president. Comey caused
    Clinton to lose, and Wray caused Biden to win.

    If that laptop had been revealed a year before Trump left office, Joe
    Biden wouldn't have been allowed to run for president.

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