• The biggest scandal in higher education is lowering the bar

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    By Nicholas Giordano
    Published October 9, 2022

    When it comes to higher education, there is no shortage of scandals,
    but perhaps the biggest scandal is how colleges and universities drop
    academic standards to match the proficiency levels of today’s student population. When professors lower standards, we are diminishing the
    quality of education, cheapening our own profession, and betraying the
    core mission of academia — to transmit knowledge, foster critical
    thinking, and prepare students for the professional world that awaits

    Recently, New York University announced that it would not be renewing
    Professor Maitland Jones Jr.’s contract. Professor Jones believes he
    was terminated after 82 of his 350 students signed a petition stating
    that the course was too difficult and that he was responsible for their
    failing grades.


    While Professor Jones's case is highly disturbing, even more disturbing
    are the recent trends in education as a whole. A Wall Street Journal
    study found that at least one-third of college seniors were unable to
    develop a cohesive argument, identify quality evidence, and interpret
    data. The study also found that students graduating from prestigious universities have little to no improvement in their abilities to think critically.


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