• GERONTOLOGY: muscles of the back and cold in the muscles of the back

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    I've been hearing a lot over the television and computer about relief factor during the break. The brand name of a product that numbs chronic pain. "Being out of pain" the public figure says.
    Using the field of cybernetics I ask a question over the computer and get good answers to choose from. One of which will always be the right answer.
    It seems I bought a book years ago written by Dr. Jarvis an MD his book's title is VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE.
    About PH not spelled PhD. ACIDITY and ALKALINITY (acidity and alkalinity).
    Whenever I wasn't feeling well, I got in the habit of putting apple cider vinegar on my food. I used more than needed and awoke with the ankle of my left foot swollen.
    The female doctor told me I was getting older. Wear a garment on your left calf; you can buy it at the pharmacy.. Adios.
    Cybernetics a question answered on the computer gave me a list of possibilities for a swollen left ankle. I saw PH IMBALANCE, and now my PH balance is back to normal after many weeks of flooding my system with neutral
    foods. Now I'm back to eating anything with MODERATION.
    "Moderation is the very life of man." Or as Ralph Waldo Emerson said "The natural day is very calm ...."
    About getting COLD in the muscle.
    About the time relief factor hit the muscle. That's the brand name of the product: RELIEF FACTOR. I woke in my 45 degree apartment every winter with a sore back. The first time it happened, it was something I couldn't understand the cause. After a few
    hours of going about my business, the pain would completely disappear.
    Since the fleas carried on the rats of Europe carried the Bubonic Plague. I wondered about fleas carried by feral cats. Are they zoological as are the fleas originating on bats that caused SARS I in humans that
    morphed into SARS II by tampering with SARS I in the Wuhan Laboratory. SARS I is a natural occurring virus.
    Many years ago I was in Tucumcari, New Mexico in the high desert. There was snow on the desert. They call it the high desert because of its Elevation from sea level. I was told that the American natives were
    poor and had no employment that some of them took to eating rodents and were diagnosed with Bubonic plague virus from the rodents.
    I got Cold in the muscle because I didn't want to spend $50.00 a month to heat my apartment above 45 degrees in the winter. The contrast between the heat under the blanket from accumulating body heat and the
    room temperature put cold in the muscles of my back. Which quickly vanished upon some activity.
    That is why I do not use bed sheets in winter. I use a blanket in place of bed sheets. Bed sheets for summer and blankets for winter.
    Relief Factor: there are many causes for back pain. There are many hormones in the human and animal body that control many body function, especially those of insects. Sex hormones are numerous in
    the human, and control many things, many of these are pheremones -I'm not sure about the spelling including the ability to urinate. A HORMONE controls the male prostate. That is why properly speaking men have a climax and women have an orgasm. The climax
    ends the arousal. If arousal is protracted beyond climax the hormone continues to function. I remember one of the many substitute teachers in her twenties telling us kids about the climax of the story. "And that is the rest of the story", Paul Harvey.

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