• NYU decision to fire acclaimed professor amid poor grades angers parent

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    By Cortney O'Brien
    Published October 6, 2022

    New York University's firing of Professor Maitland Jones Jr., following
    student complaints about poor grades has lit a fuse under parents who
    say the lowering of academic standards in U.S. school is doing students
    no favors.

    Jones, an award-winning professor of organic chemistry, taught for four
    decades at Princeton before NYU. Princeton University's dean of faculty credited him with pioneering a new way of teaching that emphasized problem-based learning over a "lecture-memorize-regurgitate facts"

    last May, 82 of Jones' 350 NYU students signed a petition against him
    arguing that the course was too hard and blaming Jones for their poor
    test scores. Organic chemistry has an infamous reputation in the
    academic world for its rigorous subject matter.


    Army of Parents founder Elicia Brand had a similar view, arguing that
    today's academic institutions are too preoccupied with "catering" to

    "The firing of Professor Maitland Jones Jr. is indicative of the
    problem our nation is facing with many academic institutions catering
    to and churning out idealistic young adults who are under-educated,
    easily offended and entitled, and who will do little as productive
    members of our society as a result," Brand told Fox News Digital. "When
    paying for an education at a reputable university, we should expect
    quality professors to intellectually challenge our students, helping
    them to grow by pushing them to stretch beyond what is convenient and comfortable. Doing anything less, will not result is positive outcome."

    "Instead, universities and K-12 government schools are supporting the
    notion that a good work ethic and high expectations are racist...


    This comes from black and white students in the same classroom.

    You can't expect a group with and average IQ of 85 to have the same
    learning ability as a group with an average IQ of a 100.

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