• Re: Good Luck Getting 'Affordable Care' With Democrats' Latest Medicare

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    New arrival here. You're both totally correct.

    I know this because my father was a cardiologist and stopped practicing at the age of 79 back in 2007 because the situation was already getting very bad for him as a small business owner in private practice. (He had two employees: Me and a former
    critical care nurse from Romania who was waiting on her Green Card. He didn't golf and he didn't have a boat. He wasn't living high on the hog, to put it mildly. This was in north Dade County Florida.) He had a few patients who were NYPD who had been
    hurt so badly while on duty that they were too disabled to work though under 65 years of age. Their insurance paid all of $37 for a visit plus another $15 for an EKG if needed. My father usually spent about 45 minutes to an hour with them. About half of
    his patients were too poor to own cars so Medicare paid him $50 to do house calls in 2005. Many were Holocaust survivors, some Jewish, some not Jewish. Contrary to popular belief, south Florida is not full of wealthy retirees. I can only imagine how
    much worse everything must be there now, after the financial crisis that many never fully recovered from, the eight years of Obama including Obamacare.

    Now we have Bidenomics, soaring inflation, the prospect of $7 gas prices even out here in Arizona, and Vice President Kamala saying that government assistance for victims of the Florida hurricane will be prioritized on the basis of race/skin color aka
    equity. (Admittedly, the head of FEMA stridently said, NO, we won't be doing that! And to think that we used to consider FEMA as the enemy....)

    There's LOTS of money for Ukraine and ramping up plutonium production for nuclear warheads.

    We're all out of Javelin missiles because Eastern Europe's borders are SO much more important than defending our own.

    The Dems in New Mexico don't want plutonium at Los Alamos but they are okay with spending state funds for parties. https://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/governor-s-mansion-used-state-funds-for-party-costs/article_61356ef8-dab1-11ec-a7df-

    If only some of that Ukraine money could go to Puerto Rico and Florida... nahhh Congress doesn't care about them.

    Anyone who is unhappy with this state of affairs must live in fear of being deemed a domestic terrorist by Merrick Garland and the FBI guys who have had Hunter Biden's disgusting laptop in custody for nearly two years but haven't done anything about it.
    Anyone who reads even one of {Wall Street Journal, NY Post, reddit, Politico, The Hill} or watches Fox News or CNBC news knows about Biden Frere and Hunter's financially corrupt dealings with Ukraine AND China, but... whatever.

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