• FBI continues to suppress evidence of Hunter Biden's business dealings

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    By Tucker Carlson
    Published October 4, 2022

    Two years ago this month, right before the last presidential election,
    the 2020 election, we interviewed a former business partner of the
    Biden family. His name was Tony Bobulinski and he told us a remarkable
    story. Joe Biden's son and his brother had entered into highly
    lucrative deals with foreign governments, including the communist
    government of China, in which they sold access to the United States
    government in exchange for millions of dollars for themselves.


    The FBI, whose job it is to enforce federal law, did take a lengthy
    statement from Tony Bobulinski back in 2020 and during that
    conversation, he outlined several felonies the Bidens had committed and
    he would know because he saw it and then he provided extensive
    documentation to prove that it happened.

    The agents he spoke to seemed shocked and they promised to get back to Bobulinski for a follow-up interview, but they never did. In fact, the
    FBI never called Tony Bobulinski again. No one was ever indicted for
    these crimes. The investigation into them was squelched.


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