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    By Adam Shaw
    Published September 29, 2022

    Former President Bill Clinton says "there is a limit" to how many
    migrants the U.S. can accept before it causes disruption.

    Clinton spoke on a CNN podcast and was asked by host Fareed Zakaria
    about "economic migrants" who are "gaming" the asylum system.

    "There is a limit to how many migrants any society can take without
    severe disruption and assistance, and our system is based much more on
    an assumption that things would be more normal," the former president

    Clinton said that when he was a boy and a young man, Mexican migrants
    would move back and forth across the border to work in agriculture "and
    it worked for people." But he conceded that the situation was now very different.

    "It’s an old story, but now you've got the largest number of refugees
    since World War II because of Syria and now Ukraine and other
    problems," he said.

    Clinton also noted the recent surge in migrants from Venezuela that has increased in recent months.

    "What’s happening in Venezuela, more than 2 million refugees pouring
    into first Colombia then nearby countries, has created unprecedented
    new challenges."


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