• Concerns escalate over San Francisco's rising crime hurting business

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Mon Sep 26 08:38:33 2022
    By Aislinn Murphy
    September 26, 2022

    There are concerns San Francisco's rising crime is negatively impacting
    the city's businesses.

    Hamid Moghadam, the CEO of the San Francisco-based real estate company Prologis, was robbed outside his home at gunpoint in broad daylight in
    June. He subsequently sent a letter to city and state officials about
    the incident. The letter, viewed by FOX Business, called for government
    leaders to take "action around crime in our city."

    "It is now difficult for me to tell potential candidates that they
    should move to San Francisco," he wrote. "We pay some of the highest
    taxes, local and state, in the nation, yet we have no sense of

    "Protecting public safety should be the government's top priority —
    that is the foundation of a successful city. Only in a community where
    people feel that they and their families are safe will jobs and culture flourish."


    Crime and inflation will determine the outcome of the mid term

    People have had enough to this no bail bullshit, and putting criminals
    back on the street immediately after they are arrested.

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