• Capitol Police whistleblower memo lays out Jan. 6 'intelligence failure

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    By John Solomon
    Updated: September 14, 2022

    Just three days after the Jan. 6 Capitol breach, one of the Capitol
    Police's top intelligence analysts sent a blistering email to
    supervisors, blowing the whistle on what he said was a failure to heed
    clear intelligence warning that right-wing rioters planned to storm the Capitol.

    "We analysts have been reporting for weeks that Patriot groups are
    commenting on social media their intentions to storm the U.S. Capitol
    with overwhelming numbers," Eric Hoar wrote in the Jan. 9, 2021 email
    to his bosses. "I don't know what was occurring behind the scenes, but
    I hope that information was briefed with the veracity it deserved, and
    not just a one-time Event Assessment."

    Hoar wrote he feared political considerations had overtaken security
    needs in the lead-up to the riot.

    "The notion that valid intelligence is trumped by optics or political
    decisions is unacceptable and puts lives in danger," he said. "This is
    a concept I've understood for a long time, and I know you are aware of
    this as well, and I hope its meaning is now OBVIOUS to ALL Officials, Commanders, and Stakeholders."

    The mention of "optics" appears to be a reference to the language used
    when House Democratic leadership rejected an offer days before Jan. 6
    from the Trump Pentagon to send National Guard troops to assist Capitol


    As Democrats wrap up their Jan. 6 probe, House Republicans are planning
    to soon release a wealth of evidence they have gathered showing
    intelligence and planning failures by the police and the first evidence
    of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's contacts with the security apparatus
    leading up to the riots.


    Pelosi was warned, she knew what was going to happen, and she wanted it
    to happen.

    Pelosi and the democrats have been trying for over six years to
    prevent Trump from running for president a second time, and it's been
    one failure after another.

    Pelosi is the criminal not Trump. She could have prevented a riot, and
    chose not to.

    Why did Pelose refuse to have the National Guard at the Capitol?

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