• Trump attorney who was former DOJ official questions department's appea

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    By Charles Creitz
    Published September 11, 2022

    Trump attorney Jim Trusty, who previously served in the DOJ and as a
    federal prosecutor in Maryland, questioned his former employer's
    steadfast opposition to a special master sorting through documents
    seized during the Mar-a-Lago raid.

    Trusty recounted the court session in West Palm Beach, Fla., where he
    asked what the harm would be to the Justice Department if someone
    essentially checked their work.

    "What we have in this situation is such a historical first, and I mean
    that in a very negative way — to have this search warrant based on
    failed, narrow negotiations, I suppose, that allowed the government to basically ransack the president's residence," he said.


    "What is it that DOJ is so worried about by having an independent,
    established, well, esteemed person, just give a second look and give
    some classifications or some categories to what they seized?" he added.

    "They fought [the special master imposition] tooth-and-nail. And
    frankly, when the judge asked them that very same question, they didn't
    have much of an answer. It was kind of like this overarching theme of,
    'Leave us alone, we know what we're doing.


    What is Garland trying to hide?

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