• Nonprofit partnered with AFT provides books with sex imagery, drag quee

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Fri Sep 9 08:26:46 2022
    By Hannah Grossman
    Published September 9, 2022

    One of the books the nonprofit sends to teachers is about a little 'boy
    [who] loves to be naked.'

    Fred Gets Dressed (Ages 4-6)

    "Fred Gets Dressed" is about a little "boy [who] loves to be naked. The
    book ends when Fred decides to dress up in his mom's closet, which
    later becomes a family affair involving both his parents dressing up in feminine clothes.

    "Fred is naked," the book said. The illustrations depict the child
    naked 14 times.

    "He romps through the house, naked wild and free," the book said. "Fred
    might never get dressed."


    This is how the liberal democrats want to educate your children.

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