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    By Gabriel Hays
    Published September 5, 2022

    CNN correspondent Sara Sidner recognized the Hunter Biden scandal in a
    Twitter thread on Sunday, arguing that investigating Biden’s business dealings "shouldn’t be a partisan issue."

    The reporter stated that "legitimate questions" about President Joe
    Biden’s son, and the FBI’s investigation into him, "should be asked"
    even though the younger Biden is not an elected official.

    Though the mere fact that Sidner mentioned the Hunter Biden scandal
    saga enraged many liberals on Twitter, who slammed her post and
    wondered if this was yet another sign that CNN had gone off the rails
    ever since new management proposed turning the network away from overt
    partisan bias.


    The new management at CNN know they can't compete with Fox News while
    trying to cover up for the democrats.

    It's either report the facts and let the people decide, or go out of

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