• GOP lawmaker has a message for Christopher Wray and the FBI: On day one

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Sat Aug 27 08:52:59 2022
    By Fox News Staff
    Published August 26, 2022

    Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs raised concerns over Facebook's disinformation
    campaign leading up to the Hunter Biden laptop story on "Hannity."

    ANDY BIGGS: Well it's, this stinks to high heavens, Jason. And it is a
    great example of the political bias that we've seen, and you've been
    discussing tonight. But I will tell you this, Zuckerberg doesn't have
    clean hands because he distributed over $400 million to try to
    influence the election. So he was really a susceptible target to FBI disinformation and that's what it was here about this election. And so
    what the Judiciary Committee is going to have to do and the Oversight
    Committee as well, we're going to have to get in and get the FBI, and
    we're going to have to bring this thing to ground. We're going to have
    to find out who actually approved this disinformation campaign to
    Facebook and Twitter and the big tech behemoths that are going to
    influence the election.


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