• Rhode Island mom sues after discovering 'secret' 'antiracist' meetings

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    By Hannah Grossman
    Published August 4, 2022

    A Rhode Island mom filed a lawsuit Wednesday after she was blocked from attending "secret" meetings that were focused on antiracist ideology
    and should have been open to the public, allegations in a complaint

    "I learned that my school had appointed a subcommittee to change the
    curriculum in the school under an antiracist or equity lens — which is
    really just a radical ideology," Nicole Solas, a senior fellow with
    Independent Women's Forum, told Fox News Digital.

    Upon discovering the meetings, Solas requested to join, but was told
    that "the board meetings aren't open to the public." The lawsuit was
    filed by the Goldwater Institute and alleged that blocking Solas from
    attending "public body" meetings violated Rhode Island's Open Meetings

    The South Kingston BIPOC Advisory Committee was formed in 2020 and is
    "an entity that receives public funds, is comprised in part of public
    officials and has regular and recurring meetings to advise the School
    Committee on ‘equity in education,'" the lawsuit said.

    "The goal is to get everybody to look at every decision, every action,
    with a lens of anti-racism and anti-discrimination," the chairperson,
    Robin Wildman, said in 2021 about the committee.


    The democrats think the only way to keep the black people voting for
    them, is to convince them that racism runs rampant in this country.

    The truth is there is less racism in this country than there has ever
    been, it is practically non-existent.

    Today people are judged by their actions, not their skin color.

    If more black people are arrested, and more black people are in prison,
    it's because of the crimes they committed, not because they are black.

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