• Biden's helping China at every turn as regime threatens US

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Wed Aug 3 08:15:09 2022
    By Sen. Marco Rubio
    Published August 3, 2022

    "Beijing Biden" is beginning to seem an appropriate nickname.

    No, I am not talking about Hunter, but the "Big Guy" himself.

    President Joe Biden struck a tough tone on China during his first
    address to Congress. Puffing out his chest, Biden bragged that he told China’s Marxist dictator the United States "will defend America’s
    interests across the board." But 15 months later, it is increasingly
    clear the president’s policies are helping Beijing far more than Scranton—even as China threatens the U.S. Speaker of the House with
    military force.

    Just look at what is happening in Congress this week.

    With Biden’s blessing, Senate Democrats will vote to give massive tax
    breaks for electric batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines
    manufactured in China. The taxes are part of the Democrats’ so-called "Inflation Reduction Act," a 725-page boondoggle that will increase
    taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars in the middle of a recession
    they created.



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