• Twitter blows up over Kamala Harris introducing herself with 'she/her'

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jul 26 15:45:59 2022
    By David Rutz
    Published July 26, 2022

    An event with Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday featured her and
    guests at the table introducing themselves with their names, pronouns,
    and descriptions of their clothing, drawing both mockery and defense
    from media members online.

    Harris led a roundtable about the overturning of Roe v. Wade and its
    effects on disabled people.

    "Good afternoon. I want to welcome these leaders for coming in to have
    this very important discussion about some of the most pressing issues
    of our time. I am Kamala Harris, my pronouns are she and her. I am a
    woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit," a masked Harris said
    while introducing herself.


    I hope Biden manages to finish his term in office. I would sure hate
    to see this idiot Harris as Commander in Chief of the armed forces.

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