• Intel Republicans warn of 'astronomical' threats, terrorist surge acros

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jul 23 10:45:34 2022
    By Kelly Laco
    Published July 23, 2022

    EL PASO, Texas – EXCLUSIVE: Republicans on the House Select Committee
    on Intelligence are raising the alarm about "grave" national security
    threats facing Americans due to the destabilized southern border.


    "We met with the FBI, the Texas Department of Safety, the Border
    Patrol. What's clear as we stand here on the border is that the border
    is not secure. Thousands of people are being apprehended a day, others
    cannot even be captured. The amount of drugs, even guns, that go across
    the border, cash, illegal activity, human trafficking. The toll that's happening on people who are crossing this border is extraordinary,"
    Turner told Fox News Digital while standing next to the border wall
    with Mexico.

    "This represents a national security threat. The number of people who
    are crossing who are not from Mexico, Central America, or even South
    America is enormous. These individuals are a threat to our national
    security. Many are from countries that have very questionable purposes
    when they come here. So our border patrol are overwhelmed. They need assistance.


    Why would the president of the U.S. open our borders to the world?

    Trump had our border stabilized, and our economy. What has Biden done,
    other than creating crisis after crisis?

    I guess this is what happens when the adults are in charge.

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