• The Left has 'rejected' the whole idea of conventional wisdom

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    By Fox News Staff
    Published July 16, 2022

    Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson showed how the
    Left has "rejected the entire idea of conventional or received wisdom"
    Saturday on "Unfiltered."

    VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The Left has sort of rejected the entire idea of conventional or received wisdom. It used to be that Democrats agreed
    with Republicans that you had to have a border with unique customs,
    traditions, civic culture. They don't believe that. There is no border.
    It's nihilistic.

    They used to believe that there were two genders. There were a few
    people [who] were dysphoric. They were transvestites. They were
    transsexuals, but they were not a third sex. So you didn't go all the
    way to the point where people were in the opposite locker rooms with
    different genitalia, etc., etc. That doesn't exist anymore. There used
    to be an idea that if you printed money, and you had fewer goods due to
    supply chain problems or labor shortages, you had inflation. Modern
    monetary theory said "no."


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