• Visitor to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello estate calls out new 'woke' to

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    By Amy Nelson
    Published July 11, 2022

    Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello estate reportedly went woke, with
    visitors saying the displays and tour guides insult his legacy.

    Jeffery Tucker, founder of the Brownstone Institute, said his recent
    experience at the Virginia landmark was sad and deflated the American founder’s reputation. Tucker toured Monticello on July 4 to pay homage
    to Jefferson, who advocated for emancipation and the separation of
    church and state.

    "Instead I got exactly the opposite," Tucker said on "Fox & Friends"
    Monday. "They were just debunking his history, his reputation, putting
    him down, demoralizing everybody on my tour."

    Tucker recounted his previous visit to the estate as being full of
    grandeur with a "sense of majesty about the place."

    "No longer," he told host Brian Kilmeade. "It is depressing and
    demoralizing and truly upsetting."


    Another example of the results of diversity.

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