• President Biden slams SCOTUS, Republicans as he takes action to protect

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    By Brooke Singman
    Published July 8, 2022

    President Biden signed an executive order Friday protecting abortion
    and contraception access after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn
    Roe v. Wade, saying the high court and Republicans have underestimated
    the "power of American women," and predicted they will turn out in
    "record numbers" for November’s midterm elections to "reclaim the
    rights" taken from them.

    The president added the Supreme Court’s "terrible" and "extreme" ruling
    to return the issue of abortion to the states after more than 50 years
    was "wrongheaded."

    "Let’s be clear about something from the very start — this was not a decision driven by the Constitution," he said.


    The Constitution doesn't say anything about abortion, or the right to
    privacy. The Supreme Court should have never heard the case to begin

    Biden is also wrong about women. There are many women that are pro

    The women that say it's their body and they should be able to do
    anything with it they want too, are also wrong.

    At the time of conception, that developing human being is not part of
    their body.

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