• Texas should have declared border invasion long ago, says Border Patrol

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jul 6 10:34:59 2022
    By Elizabeth Heckman
    Published July 6, 2022

    National Border Patrol Council VP Art Del Cueto called on Texas
    Governor Greg Abbott to declare an "invasion" at the southern border.

    Del Cueto joined "Fox & Friends First" Wednesday to explain the
    significance of what it would mean for the state to declare an invasion
    after several counties have done so.

    "It's pretty much a catch and release is what's happening. Everyone's overwhelmed and somebody needs to do something about it," he told host
    Carley Shimkus.


    Del Cueto said declaring an invasion allows for greater access to
    resources for communities affected by mass migration. He also
    emphasized how drug cartels have the ability to flourish because of
    gaps at the southern border.

    "You have to be able to deport some of these individuals. And just like
    I said, if the federal government isn't doing something about it at
    this point, somebody needs to do something. You can't just wave the
    white flag.


    Why is Biden allowing this to happen?

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