• Chinese immigrant, a witness to Mao's political purge, warning about in

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    By Hannah Grossman
    Published July 6, 2022

    A Chinese immigrant who witnessed Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution
    warned against the indoctrination of children in K-12 schools with
    neo-Marxist ideologies such as critical race theory and The New York
    Times' 1619 Project.

    In an interview with Fox News Digital, Lily Tang Williams, who is
    currently running as a Republican candidate for Congress in New
    Hampshire's second district, discussed the lessons she learned as a
    witness to communist brutality and shared a warning to Americans on the importance of fighting for liberty.

    "[Mao believed that] young people's mind is a blank piece of paper. You
    can draw the most beautiful pictures or whatever he wants to draw or
    whatever he wants them to believe. Those are the… warning signs. That's
    why, you know, we have to absolutely support that parental rights and
    support school choice," she said. "Parents start[ed] to wake up to say
    'what's going on in our schools?' which is good thing. I'm still
    positive, and I'm still optimistic about our country."


    Tang Williams drew a parallel between the Chinese revolution that was
    based on class and what she believes is a neo-Marxist Cultural
    Revolution that is based on identity groups molded together into a
    coalition on an oppression matrix.

    "Identity politics is the hallmark of Maoism," Tang Williams said.
    Critical race theory and The New York Times' 1619 Project, which hold
    that America is systemically racist, are all part of this revolution,
    the New Hampshire congressional candidate said.

    "Mao used standard Marxist terms like oppressor versus oppressed," she
    said. "He actually divided all Chinese citizens – because we're [of
    the] same race and have [the] same skin color – into Five Black
    Classes versus the Five Red Classes."


    The democrats constantly use racism to divide this country, while the
    truth is, it hardly exists anymore.

    According them, when a white police officer shoots a black person, it
    is because that person is black. The truth is, almost all of these
    shootings could have been avoided if the person had obeyed the police
    officers instructions. If George Floyd had just got in the police car,
    he wouldn't have died. He caused his own death.

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