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    By Sen. Tim Scott
    Published July 4, 2022

    Two hundred forty six years ago today, the American experiment was
    born. In our birth certificate, the Declaration of Independence, our
    Founding Fathers spelled out the fundamental rights given to us all by
    our Creator. They envisioned a nation built on freedom and fairness.

    In the centuries that followed we often failed, but more often
    succeeded, in our journey toward a "more perfect union." The resilience embedded in the DNA of America is what has united generations of citizens—people of all backgrounds—to come together to make the
    founders’ vision a reality.

    This is a country that allowed me, the son of a single mom who raised
    her two Black sons in the South, to become a U.S. Senator representing
    the home of the Civil War. Where else on Earth is that possible?


    Skin color in this country doesn't hold people back, and anyone that
    says it does is a liar.

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