• The Hunter Biden laptop story was a 'bombshell' that got covered up

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jun 29 11:43:52 2022
    By Greg Gutfeld
    Published June 29, 2022

    So let's talk about Roe versus Wade. I'm kidding. I gotcha. Let's talk
    about a different abortion. No, no, no. One performed on a story by the
    media. See what I did there? I tricked it twice because it seems every
    day we find more proof of how corrupt the press is in killing off a
    living, breathing story out of convenience.

    It was a group effort strangling a breakthrough exposé that would have
    changed the landscape of an election. The press, along with Dems,
    Facebook and Twitter, took the laptop story to their own version of
    Planned Parenthood and suffocated it with a high-tech blanket.


    I would be completely covered up and forgotten if not for Fox News.

    Jut think what would have happened if Trump's son had done the same
    thing as Biden's son.

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