• Film studio CEO refuses to bow to woke viewers taking issue with old mo

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jun 24 08:49:38 2022
    By Alexander Hall
    Published June 23, 2022

    Paramount CEO Bob Bakish declared Monday that his company will not
    censor its old content for material that may offend modern audiences.

    Bakish made the comments as the Paramount+ streaming service launched
    overseas and he discussed the company's large and historical catalog.

    "By definition, you have some things that were made in a different time
    and reflect different sensibilities," Bakish explained, according to a
    June 20 piece by The Guardian.

    He went on, "I don’t believe in censoring art that was made
    historically, that’s probably a mistake. It’s all on demand – you don’t have to watch anything you don’t want to."


    You don't have to watch it. That's not good enough for the liberals,
    they don't want anyone to watch it. They want to erase history, so no
    one will know slavery existed and that black people were portrayed as

    Well that was the way it was, and they will just have to live with it.

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