• It's time we stop letting the 'idiot' experts destroy our country

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jun 20 08:50:00 2022
    By Fox News Staff
    Published June 19, 2022

    "The Next Revolution" host Steve Hilton issued a scathing rebuke Sunday
    night of all the self-appointed "experts" who have misused their
    authority to make vital decisions impacting the everyday lives of
    Americans on everything from COVID, and crime, to the military and the
    economy, only to be "completely devastatingly wrong."

    STEVE HILTON: That’s the number one rule of government by ‘expert
    idiot.’ No one is ever held accountable, however much they screw up.
    Which of course we see in the absolute crowning glory of the expert
    idiot's takeover of the coronavirus pandemic. Let's just take a moment
    to remember the vanity, the self-importance, the sheer brazen certainty
    of these expert idiots who turned out to be completely devastatingly

    Of course, it is all laughable now how wrong the experts were, how
    wrong the vast majority of the establishment media were to trust the
    experts. But it keeps happening. The establishment never learns. So we
    cannot just subcontract vital decisions about our lives to the experts. Wherever you look, the pandemic, crime, the military, the economy, what
    the experts have done to this country is an absolute travesty. And even
    if it wasn’t anti-democratic to put all this power in their hands –
    which it is, even if it didn’t contradict the very idea of what America
    was built on, self-government -- which it does, on a basic practical
    level, government by experts doesn’t work because as we have seen time
    and time again, the experts are idiots.


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