• A Message From Ronald Reagan

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    Hello, America. I'm Ronald Reagan, a Republican Tea Party legend. I was >> >caught supplying weapons to murderous regimes - twice. I caved in to the >> >demands of terrorists - twice. I provided the funding to create the
    terrorists organization that would later become know as Al Qaeda. I
    supported the racist apartheid in South Africa. 138 members of my
    administration were investigated, indicted, or convicted of crimes. I
    tripled the national debt in only 8 years. I robbed the Social Security >> >trust fund to pay for budget shortfalls. Thank you for voting Republican. >> >
    John Q. Public
    You are a sad case. But there are millions like you.
    Another Village Idiot imitation of the look there, not here and the
    usual half truths that have nothing to do with the post.

    John Q. Public
    To Me: You always copy and believe the first Google response as fact? Your the sad one, learn to do some research of your own

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