• NSBA 'imploding,' 'getting everything it deserves,' following mass stat

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    By Cortney O'Brien
    Published June 15, 2022

    With the Wisconsin Association of School Boards' (WASB) decision to cut
    ties with the National School Boards Association (NSBA), more than half
    of the nation's state school board associations have withdrawn from the
    group since it sent a letter to the Justice Department to investigate
    parents for "domestic terrorism."

    "Parents have seen the inside of the public school beast and understand
    better than ever who is feeding this beast, and are responding with a
    loud voice of not my child, not on my watch," Moms for America Senior
    Director Quisha King told Fox News Digital. "US State school boards associations are seeing the reactions of parents in many ways, from
    speaking up at school board meetings to getting their children out of
    these classrooms and state school boards know they do not want more
    problems with parents across America."

    The NSBA's infamous letter to the Justice Department in September 2021
    asked for parents protesting at school board meetings to be federally
    looked into, saying school officials were facing threats and violence
    at meetings. The letter requested that actions should be examined under
    the Patriot Act as domestic terrorism. The NSBA later apologized for
    the letter's language.


    The liberal democrats have tried to accomplish their goals while Biden
    is in office and they have failed. Their world is collapsing and will
    be completely destroyed after the mid term elections.

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