• Jan 6 committee not 'aggressively pursuing' Capitol personnel decisions

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    By Fox News Staff
    Published June 11, 2022

    Legal expert Jonathan Turley criticized the Jan. 6 committee for not "aggressively pursuing" decisions made about Capitol personnel during
    the riot Friday on "The Ingraham Angle."

    JONATHAN TURLEY: What is really disturbing is how the committee has
    tailored its mandate. They're not aggressively pursuing the decisions
    on how they staffed and equipped their own personnel at the Capitol.
    Many of us remarked on that day how light the security seemed to be.
    The Washington Post and other newspapers have said it's simply untrue
    that the National Guard was offered to people in the House and they
    turned it down.

    Their documents suggest that that might not be true and that, in fact,
    the offer was made. But here you have Cheney herself saying, "Look,
    they were told days before that this could very well get out-of-hand."
    And those witnesses said — that same witness who said, "I saw hundreds
    of Proud Boys marching on the Capitol," said when they approached the
    Capitol, there was one officer at that first barricade. And then the
    person who testified who was an actual police officer said that they
    were overwhelmed. They simply didn't have many people on the barricade.

    And the question is, "Why?" And those are the questions that don't seem
    to be a relevant focus for this committee. Those are the questions that
    would be asked if there was an opposing side, if there [were] both
    parties present in force the way they usually are on committees.


    The Republicans can't ask questions or call witnesses, yet the
    democrats can subpoena people to appear, and have them arrested if they

    This is no hearing, it's a lynching.

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