• Democrat DA suffers big blow as court says he cannot ignore Three Strik

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jun 3 08:35:37 2022
    By Louis Casiano
    Published June 2, 2022

    A California appeals court on Thursday upheld an injunction that said
    Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon can't refuse to
    charge three-strike cases, which can significantly increase prison

    The court affirmed an earlier ruling that said the directive not to
    charge strikes against defendants violates state law and the rights of prosecutors in Los Angeles County.

    "On the merits, we conclude the voters and the Legislature created a
    duty, enforceable in mandamus, that requires prosecutors to plead prior
    serious or violent felony convictions to ensure the alternative
    sentencing scheme created by the three strikes law applies to repeat offenders," the ruling said. "The district attorney overstates his
    authority. He is an elected official who must comply with the law, not
    a sovereign with absolute, unreviewable discretion."


    My question is why do democrats want to keep putting these repeat
    offenders back on the streets?

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