• Biden admin holding school lunch money 'hostage' to force transgender p

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    By Teny Sahakian
    Published June 3, 2022

    The Biden administration is using lunch money to hold ‘school districts hostage,’ the head of a conservative advocacy group said in response to
    the Department of Agriculture's announcement that it would require
    certain schools to allow trans students to use the bathroom of their
    preferred gender.

    Schools awarded money from the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), an
    agency within USDA, must specify in their policies that discrimination
    based on gender identity and sexual orientation is prohibited, the
    department announced in May. It also said allegations of such
    discrimination must be investigated.

    "What you're seeing here is really the Biden administration saying
    ‘you're going to do what I want or I'm going to take your lunch
    money,’" Fight for Schools Executive Director Ian Prior told Fox News.
    "For the federal government to come in and really tie school nutrition
    and school lunch programs to this radical ideology is terrifying, and
    it's appalling."


    The democrats want a country where men can take showers with women if
    they want to.

    One of these so called transgenders was allowed to serve his time in a
    prison for women, and shortly two women were pregnant.

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