• LA DA Gascon says recall driven by race-based 'fear-mongering' about pu

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    By Ronn Blitzer
    Published June 2, 2022

    Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon is trying to fight
    off a recall effort to get him voted out of office, but he dismissed
    the effort as one driven by "fear-mongering," likening it to a
    decades-old political ad that critics accused of having racial

    Gascon made the accusation during an interview with the "How We Win"
    podcast, saying that the recall campaign is "really driven by very conservative, very right wing forces" that want to perpetuate a certain culture.

    "They have sort of created this false narrative about this is
    anti-safety, which is kind of the same fear-mongering tactics frankly
    that you can go back to the Nixon era, right, you know Willie Horton,"
    Gascon said.

    The Willie Horton ad was not from the Nixon era, but from when George
    H.W. Bush was running for president against Democrat Michael Dukakis in
    the 1988 election. The television spot, put out by a pro-Bush group,
    used the story of Horton, a convict who escaped during a prison
    furlough and committed rape, assault, and robbery.


    Racism is the only defense the liberal democrats have.

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