• Michael Sussmann acquitted by a jury of Hillary Clinton's peers

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jun 1 08:26:17 2022
    By Gregg Jarrett
    Published June 1, 2022

    In Washington, D.C. there is no such thing as a jury of peers. There is
    only a jury of Hillary Clinton supporters. On Tuesday, the twelve
    people who acquitted Hillary’s consigliere, Michael Sussmann, proved it.

    The evidence of the defendant’s guilt was obvious and overwhelming.
    Special counsel John Durham’s prosecutors presented incontrovertible
    evidence that Clinton’s campaign lawyer knowingly peddled phony
    Trump-Russia collusion information to the FBI and lied about whom he
    was representing.


    For Sussmann, picking a favorably predisposed panel was like a rigged
    carnival game. In the last presidential election, 92 percent voted for
    Joe Biden.


    The judge should have thrown out the jury's verdict, but he was
    probably a Hillary supporter too.

    I think a computer should decide a case instead of biased humans. The
    defense attorney and the prosecutor could just feed it the facts and
    have a decision instantly.

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