• Emily Compagno blasts Robert Mueller following Clinton bombshell

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Mon May 23 14:39:52 2022
    By Fox News Staff
    Published May 23, 2022

    Emily Compagno sounded off on special counsel Robert Mueller following
    the bombshell testimony from former Clinton campaign manager Robby
    Mook. The "Outnumbered" co-host said Monday it is "absolutely
    unacceptable" that Mueller's report didn't mention Hillary Clinton
    approved of leaking the Trump-Russia allegations to the media, given
    the extensive resources for Mueller's investigation.

    EMILY COMPAGNO: They used 19 special prosecutors, more than 40 FBI
    agents. We footed that entire bill. They produced three separate
    reports that basically said, 'well, we can't prove a connection between
    Trump and Russia, but we can't disprove it.' All it would have taken is
    five minutes spent in a room with this guy who could have said, ‘yes, actually, it was greenlit by Hillary Clinton. Actually, yes. There was
    not one modicum of truth to this.’

    And instead, this really important person is the one who approved of
    and spearheaded it being leaked to the media. And listen, if I was one
    of the attorneys on Mueller's team, I would not only be extremely
    embarrassed right now, but I would have a lot of questions. Because
    either they did know and it didn't make it into the report, or they
    didn't know. And either of those answers are absolutely unacceptable.


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