• Joe Biden is unifying the country in disapproval of him

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Thu May 19 08:33:20 2022
    By Greg Gutfeld
    Published May 19, 2022

    Joe Biden's popularity is like his teeth at night – underwater. If he
    sunk any deeper, he'd have crabs, because he'd be in the sea. That's
    where the crabs live. Get your mind out of the gutter.

    His approval rating is at 39%, even after the Roe vs. Wade leak, which
    was designed to breathe life into his unconscious presidency. It was
    one Biden leak that didn't demand a change of pants.

    It still didn't work. In fact, thanks to idiots heading to the
    justices’ houses like they were invited to a barbecue, it quickly
    turned into a freak show. But with more bearded ladies. Underrated, by
    the way.

    When you saw the protests, you probably like me, wish their mommies had
    been as pro-abortion as their offspring. Why not? That's how you
    support them. You also were reminded that pro-choice doesn't always
    mean choosing soap and water.

    The worst stat of all, this jaw dropping one from NBC News, 75% of the population thinks this country is going in the wrong direction. That's astounding.


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