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    After all, Darrell Brooks Jr. was misusing and abusing the privilege of driving a Ford Escape SUV when he deliberately ran down and killed six pedestrians. He was acting out rage instigated by BLM racists.

    Had Ford not made that vehicle, and BLM not stirred Darrell up, those
    people would still be alive.

    Ford and BLM should pay just like Remington.

    <https://cdn.unitycms.io/image/ocroped/1600,1600,1000,1000,0,0/v GgeRvKkBZQ/ABZulxfF4G9Ac47TG1l0UP.jpg>

    "Das Auto von Brooks ist auch auf Google Street View zu sehen."

    4014 N. 19th St. Milwaukee, WI 53209

    Brennen Sie das Haus nieder.

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