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    These children learned that school can sometimes be very enjoyable.


    Washington DC school officials say a staff member who allegedly forced
    young students to re-enact events from the Holocaust has been placed
    on leave.

    The alleged re-enactment by eight and nine year olds included
    shootings and digging of mass graves, with one child assigned to act
    as Adolf Hitler.

    DC Public Schools confirmed the incident to the BBC and said an
    investigation was underway.

    Parents quoted by the Washington Post claimed that some children were
    forced to act as if they were shooting their classmates and pretend
    they were on transportation trains or gas chambers.

    One parent cited by the paper alleged that the instructor told
    students that the Holocaust took place "because the Jews ruined

    Waste of time using an agenda to fixate on that event that happened 80 years ago. Enough. Why not study the Cambodian masscre, the Rwandan, the Bosian, the Armenian? Better yet, AMERICAN history!!

    Agreed. Most people are sick and tired reading and hearing about the 'holocaust'. None of that alleged crap happened here in America.

    This class was taught by a black Marxist librarian.

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