• Former Biden Covid advisor dismisses White House warning on case number

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Tue May 17 08:23:42 2022
    By Brandon Gillespie
    Published May 16, 2022

    Former member of President Biden's COVID-19 advisory board Michael
    Osterholm poured water on White House claims from earlier this month
    that the U.S. could see up to 100 million coronavirus cases this fall
    and winter.

    In an interview last week with CNN analyst Peter Bergen, Osterholm
    described the White House's prediction as "a whiplash moment"
    considering it clashed with the Centers for Disease Control and
    Prevention (CDC) now only recommending that masks be worn on public
    transit, rather than stating they should be required.


    If the White House is expecting 100 million cases of the virus this
    fall, it can only mean the vaccine is defective. I'm sure everyone on
    earth has been exposed to the virus by now, so everyone should have
    immunity, either through the vaccine or acquired immunity from having
    the virus and recovering from it.

    The real reason they are pushing this misinformation is to get
    emergency voting rules reinstated so everyone can vote by mail. That
    is their only chance this fall.

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