• Homeland Security peddles disinformation about the border

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    By Chad Wolf
    Published May 13, 2022

    Recently, much attention has been focused on the Department of Homeland Security’s ill-conceived Disinformation Governance Board. And
    rightfully so.

    But against this backdrop, I believe a deeper, more organized, and
    deliberate disinformation campaign has been underway by political
    leadership at DHS.

    This campaign has been carefully planned and executed over a series of
    months and has been repeated time and time again, both to the American
    people and the U.S. Congress. This campaign is designed to say one
    thing while the opposite reality occurs. This campaign goes beyond
    policy differences. Instead, this campaign is endangering lives and is
    lying to the American people.

    Political leadership at DHS wants you to believe that the border is
    closed and secure, that DHS has "operational control" over the border,
    that illegal aliens are "promptly removed" from the U.S., and that DHS
    has a plan to address the massive surge of illegal migration that will
    result from removing Title 42. On all accounts, DHS is peddling
    disinformation to the American people; and it must stop.

    Perhaps the most far-fetched and unbelievable assertion is that the
    border is closed and secured, and that DHS has operational control.


    It’s unfathomable to assert that the border is closed when DHS has
    averaged over 150,000 illegal alien apprehensions and 50,000 "gotaways"
    every single month since President Biden took office. It’s been
    reported that 70 percent to 80 percent of Border Patrol agents are not
    on the border executing their national security mission. Rather, they
    are inside Border Patrol facilities processing illegal migrants.


    Next, DHS falsely claims that illegal aliens are "promptly removed."
    The truth is that relatively few illegal aliens are removed once here
    in the United States, let alone promptly.


    This is the government that is going to stop the spread of

    It's worth reading the whole article to see how the Biden
    administration is deceiving the American people, while turning the US
    into a third world country.

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