• Parent groups react to Biden admin's upcoming Title IX changes: 'Blurri

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    By Cortney O'Brien
    Published May 5, 2022

    Parent groups predicted the Biden administration's upcoming changes to
    Title IX sex discrimination rules would spell danger for students.

    Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had written that Title IX’s
    sex-based protections were sticking by the definitions of "biological
    sex, male or female." However, in March 2021, President Biden signed an executive order outlining plans to review Title IX regulations related
    to gender identity. The administration's reforms include rolling back
    some due process protections put in place by the Trump administration,
    and changing the definition of "sex" to include "gender identity."


    Several of the signatories expanded on their concerns in exclusive
    interviews with Fox News Digital.

    "We see that this idea of identifying students in general by identity
    than by biological is concerning to us," Moms for Liberty co-founder
    Tiffany Justice told Fox News Digital. "We’re seeing sexual harassment claims, or harassment claims as language is violence, being used by
    students who accidentally misgender a child in the classroom. Sometimes
    genders are fluid. Instances where a child was being told to kill
    themselves and being bullied by a group of students who were literally
    changing their gender every day and then the school was looking at
    harassment violations or harassment claims against that child, which
    was not the case. These are 11-year-olds."

    "We don’t see any reasons why it needs to be changed," she continued.
    "We think it really is the erasure of women in general. And as mothers
    we are women, adult human females, who are not birthing people."


    Birthing people! Have you ever heard anything so stupid?

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