• Vicky White fired, losing pension: No 'wrongdoing' by dealership that s

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    https://www.al.com/news/2022/05/vicky-white-fired-losing-pension-police- releasing-car-info-set-us-back-alabama-sheriff-says.html

    The Lauderdale County corrections officer charged with assisting an inmate
    who has been charged with capital murder has been fired from her job,
    Sheriff Rick Singleton said Wednesday.

    While Vicky White had planned to retire, her termination will cost her state-funded contributions to her pension, Singleton said.

    “Why, absolutely,” Singleton said when asked if Vicky White had been terminated. “I mean, yeah. Of course, we haven’t had time to do the
    paperwork. But, yes, her employment is over with the Lauderdale County sheriff’s office.”

    The sheriff’s office said later Wednesday of White’s employment status:
    “No longer employed by the Lauderdale County sheriff’s office.”

    Meanwhile, the manhunt for Vicky White and the inmate, Casey White, moves
    into its sixth day and the sheriff said law enforcement officials “don’t
    really have a clue” where the two are located.

    He said it’s unknown if they are still in north Alabama or have fled for
    the border in an effort to leave the country.

    “We don’t really have a clue,” Singleton said. “We were hoping that
    vehicle would help us where we need to focus on search.”

    Here is full coverage of the search for Vicky White and Casey White

    The search has suffered a setback, the sheriff said, because information
    about the vehicle Vicky White and Casey White – who are not related – were believed to be driving was released to the public prematurely.

    That vehicle is a 2007 rust-colored Ford Edge with an unknown license

    “It is unknown what license plate is on the vehicle, or if it even has a license plate. There is minor damage to the rear left bumper,” the U.S. Marshals Service said Wednesday.

    The sheriff said he assumed that with the vehicle identified, Vicky White
    and Casey White will find another vehicle to continue their escape.

    “That flier that was released was law enforcement-sensitive and was not supposed to be put out to the public,” Singleton said.

    “And one of the agencies advertently, I guess, didn’t realize that and
    thought they were helping by getting them getting that information out
    there. We had worked all weekend trying to get a vehicle identified and we finally got solid confirmation Monday morning.

    “And so we were trying to take advantage of the other technology available
    to us and see if we could find the vehicle. We put the information out to
    law enforcement so they could be helping us look for it. And at one
    department put it on social media, and of course it’s spread like

    Singleton acknowledged a level of frustration with the premature release
    of the vehicle information.

    “It sort of set us back on the investigation,” Singleton said. “But we’ll
    just keep going forward and we’ll eventually find them.”

    The sheriff said he expected the identified vehicle will be found soon.

    “That will help us because it will give us some idea of what area they are
    in,” Singleton said. “Are they still around here or are they down in Texas trying to get into Mexico? It will give us an idea where we need to focus
    our search maybe.”

    The Marshals Service said the release of the vehicle information “led some internet sleuths to the Florence car dealer who sold the vehicle to Vicky White.”

    “Some Facebook users have leveled accusations of wrongdoing against the
    owners of that dealership. The U.S. Marshals would like to assure everyone
    that the owners have been very helpful in this investigation, and that no
    one at the dealership is suspected of helping the pair avoid law
    enforcement,” a statement read.

    Vicky White recently bought the AR-15 and shotgun they are thought be
    armed with, authorities said. However, their relationship has likely been
    going on for up to two years.

    Carol Robinson contributed to this report.

    Updated today, May 4, 2022, at 3:09 p.m. with more information about Vicky White’s termination.

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