• Top 10 misleading and outrageous statements from NYT's Nikole Hannah-Jo

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Tue Apr 26 08:15:45 2022
    By Lindsay Kornick
    Published April 26, 2022

    1. Cuba is the "most equal multiracial county" due to socialism.

    2. Millions of Americans ‘don’t mind’ open racism

    3. ‘Going out to eat is not a Constitutional right’

    4. There is a difference between ‘racially Black’ and ‘politically

    5. World War II bomb was dropped ‘because they’d spent all this money
    developing it’

    6. Destroying property ‘is not violence’

    7. 'Tipping is a legacy of slavery'

    8. The Civil War began in 1865

    9. Fireworks were used to disrupt Black Lives Matter movement

    10. Europe is ‘not a continent,’ Ukraine alarm is a racist ‘dog


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