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    By Cortney O'Brien
    Published April 25, 2022

    The New York Times Magazine's publication of the 1619 Project in August
    2019 has helped spark a bevy of think pieces on critical race theory
    and paved the way for a surge in race-based reporting, multiple experts
    and analysts agreed.

    The project, penned in part by lead writer Nikole Hannah-Jones,
    purports that 1619, the year the first enslaved Africans were brought
    to what would later become the United States, should be considered the
    true founding year of the country. Critics and historians who were
    consulted on the project have since hit the report as being full of
    historical inaccuracies, such as suggesting the Revolutionary War was
    fought in part to preserve slavery.

    No matter what side of the debate Americans found themselves on, many
    noted the uptick in race-based studies and news reports.


    Why is the liberal media trying to cause problems between the black and
    white people in this country.

    The black people in this country have every opportunity that white
    people have, and in some cases like college admissions, and
    liberal owned companies they have the advantage.

    History can't be changed, there is no sense in using it to try to
    divide this country.

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