• Afghan Refugees Find a Harsh and Unfriendly Border in Turkey

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    Afghan Refugees Find a Harsh and Unfriendly Border in Turkey
    By Carlotta Gall, 8/23/21, NY Times

    For President Erdogan of Turkey, the burden of hosting so
    many refugees — 3.6 million Syrians & over 300,000 Afghans,
    among others — has become a burning political issue, esp.
    as the Turkish economy has worsened. He has made clear he
    has no intention of opening the door to more Afghans.

    When photos emerged on social media of columns of Afghan
    migrants walking through Iran toward Turkey in recent weeks,
    opposition politicians accused Erdogan of negotiating a deal
    with the EU, as he had done for Syrian refugees, to host
    the growing number of Afghans who are arriving.

    Erdogan has often used the migrant threat as leverage in
    negotiations with the EU, while his police have long
    conducted ruthless operations to control the numbers of
    migrants & perceptions at home. But he has also railed
    against Western nations for expecting less developed
    countries to bear the migrant crisis.

    “Europe, which has become a center of attraction for
    millions of people, can't stay out of this problem by
    firmly closing its borders in order to protect the safety
    & prosperity of its citizens,” he said in a televised
    speech last week. “Turkey has no duty, responsibility or
    obligation to be Europe’s refugee depot.”

    Erdogan warned Chancellor Merkel of Germany by phone
    Sunday that his country “won't be able to shoulder the
    additional burden” in the event of a fresh wave of
    migration from Afghanistan. Turkey, he reminded Merkel,
    “has already taken in 5 million refugees.”

    Afghans interviewed in Van said Turkey had tightened
    security along its border with a widespread and often
    violent police operation in recent weeks, turning away
    Afghans regardless of their requests for asylum.


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