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    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Tue Apr 19 15:55:18 2022
    By Jessica Chasmar
    Published April 19, 2022

    A Maryland school board has moved to adopt a new policy on political
    symbols that could ban items like the rainbow pride flag in public
    school classrooms after members said teachers were "bullied" into
    displaying pride flags that were recently donated by an LGBTQ group.

    The Carroll County school board has voted to develop a new flag policy
    that may only allow the U.S. flag, Maryland state flag and Carroll
    County flags to be displayed in classrooms.


    Caitlin Edmondson, a Carroll County parent, told Fox News Digital that
    she found the effort "very concerning."

    "The pride flags that are being forced upon teachers do not solely
    represent the gay community. They also represent gender identity and transgender ideology," she said. "As a parent of a 6-year-old in CCPS,
    it is very concerning that anyone would think it is OK to push these
    agendas on our youngest and most vulnerable."


    No one is going to accept this transgender bullshit.

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