• Dems seem to be engaged in a brazen act of self-sabotage

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Fri Apr 15 08:32:14 2022
    By Fox News Staff
    Published April 14, 2022

    LAURA INGRAHAM: It almost seems vindictive at this point. Now I'm
    talking about what the party in power is inflicting on the United
    States. Runaway inflation, devastating family budgets, now, crime waves terrorizing our cities. The fentanyl explosion killing thousands of
    Americans every month. Millions of illegal aliens brazenly walking
    across the border and our own homeless population is exploding. How can
    this be happening in America? We keep asking night after night, how low
    can President Biden go in the polls before his team, or Schumer or
    Pelosi admit it's time for a course correction?


    The sad truth is, the party of 2022 is not the party of Bill Clinton
    anymore. It's the party of Black Lives Matter, climate crazies and
    trans activists.


    Of course, they're using the DOJ for vindictive political crusades, and
    they're threatening the states that are actually protecting girls'
    sports. It's insane.


    It seems to the Democrats and Joe Biden are dead set on doing as much
    damage as they can in four years.


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