• QUORA: Why does the minimum wage continue to be so divisive?

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    QUORA: Why does the minimum wage continue to be so divisive?
    by Chip Kerr, Feb 28, 2021

    Because so few people understand the racist origins of the
    idea. And it's even more entertaining when you discover
    that the party brought you the KKK is still promoting the
    idea today but managed to convince you it's a good thing
    that it still exists.
    Jim Wallace, June 27, 2021
    They call it the minimum wage for a reason. It's an entry
    level job for people with low skills or none. You start
    out on a job and learn skills, work ethics, being part of
    a team. learn the things you need to know to advance and
    get a better paying job. and you are able to advance up the
    ladder of success. you then can demand more money because
    you are worth more money. Entry level jobs were never
    supposed to support a family. This is why a good education
    is so important. Without it you are going to have a hard
    time getting a good paying job. It only stands to reason...
    If you up the pay scale for people who have no skills, then
    the business is going to do one of two things: (1) raise
    his prices on to the consumer, or (2) look into automation.
    This is exactly what a Chicago McDonalds is exploring, a
    fully automated fast food restaurant.
    Scott Johnston, July 21, 2021
    Your first job involves demonstrating that you can show up
    on time, follow directions and perhaps show some initiative.
    If you want to make more than minimum wage, you must make
    the effort to create a path and follow it. If you can't
    make more money at your current job, then you need to find
    another job that pays better. There are companies that pay
    more. You need to find out what it takes to get that job &
    then do it. Employers like In-n-Out & Costco get the cream
    of the crop for the type of work they do. They want attitude
    as well ask basic job skills.

    If you need to get more education to get the job you want,
    go to junior college or a trade school. If you go to a
    state sponsored, most people can make that happen. You need
    to choose a field that has career opportunities. With the
    internet, you can research what jobs pay and how in demand
    they are. There are jobs for skilled trades, electronics,
    computers and many other fields that will allow you to
    pay off student loans if you select your school with some
    care. If you choose a field that offers few to no jobs,
    you will be wasting your money and not getting ahead.

    The military is also a good option. The pay isn't great,
    nut the job skills they teach combined with the benefits
    are great.

    If you are hardworking and determined, then you need to
    make a plan and execute it. If you expect someone else to
    hand things to you, you will be a slave to the government
    for the rest of your life.
    Bob Wexler, Aug 12, 2021
    The world is built survival of the fittest. The lion goes
    after the stragglers of the group not the leader. I've been
    working almost 60 years. I've usually been paid more than
    minimum wage & more than many of my co-workers. I learn to
    do what is necessary & more. I never want to stop learning.
    I enjoy coworkers & customers coming to me to learn what,
    why, how. That makes me more valuable to an employer.
    Chip Kusmaul, July 31, 2021
    Minimum wage isn’t at all divisive, until you try to force
    people to pay it. That begs an obvious question: Since when
    does anyone else have the right to decide what an employer
    must pay, and an employee must be paid? THAT pisses a few
    people off.

    Do we have minimum price law for goods and services? No.
    If the government, in order to protect the well being of
    businesses, set minimum prices for cars, clothes, cell
    phones, furniture, food, etc, people would be rightly
    pissed off. Let the market decide the prices.

    And of course, minimum wage doesn’t mean that all people
    who want a job will get minimum wage. Those who get a job
    will get minimum wage, but all the employees who aren’t
    worth minimum wage to an employer, will simply not be hired.
    Think about it. In your life there have been many things
    that you did NOT buy, because the price was too high. So,
    in your judgement & based on your budget, you didn’t buy.
    What do you think an employer does when the price of labor
    is too high in his judgement, & won’t fit his budget?
    He doesn’t hire, that’s what.

    And in case anyone wasn’t aware, very few people make only
    minimum wage. Well, if minimum wage is all an employer HAS
    to pay, why do they almost always pay more? Generally, MUCH
    more. Because quality costs more, just like when you buy a
    car, a computer, or a cell phone. The more skill, ability
    & dependability an employer needs, the more they expect to
    have to pay.

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