• Transgender woman's op-ed regretting sex re-assignment surgery draws st

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    By Brandon Gillespie
    Published April 12, 2022

    A transgender woman who had sex re-assignment surgery as a teenager is
    warning those considering a similar operation to explore the world
    inhabiting their body "as it is" before "permanently altering" it.

    In a Monday op-ed for The Washington Post headlined, "What I wish I'd
    known when I was 19 and had sex re-assignment surgery," software
    developer Corinna Cohn expressed regret over her transition from being
    a man to a woman, explaining she wasn't old enough to make such a
    drastic decision and that it committed her "to a lifetime apart" from
    her peers.

    "When I was 19, I had surgery for sex reassignment, or what is now
    called gender affirmation surgery," Cohn wrote. "In terms of my
    priorities and interests today, that younger incarnation of myself
    might as well have been a different person — yet that was the person
    who committed me to a lifetime set apart from my peers."


    I wonder how many people regret having sex change operations?

    When I was 19 I thought I knew everything, a few years later I
    discovered I didn't know shit.

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