• Immature, Insane, Fat Trump Makes Stupid Joke About Bombing Russia

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    He's full of stupid jokes and being of no real help
    whatsoever. Shut the f uck up and disappear already.


    Former President Trump reportedly joked on Saturday that
    the U.S. should ƒ oput the Chinese flagƒ on F-22 fighter
    jets and ƒ obo mb the s---ƒ out of Russia.

    Trump made the comment to top Republican National Committee
    donors at a ret reat in New Orleans, according to CBS News.

    The network reported that the former president suggested
    that the U.S. shou ld blame China for the offensive, then
    watch as the two countries engage in
    a conflict.

    ƒ oAnd then we say, 'China did it,' ƒ Trump said, which,
    acco rding to an unidentified source cited by CBS News,
    elicited laughs in the r oom. ƒ oThen they start fighting
    with each other, and we sit back and

    us-should-put- t

    Looks like it's time to strap Trump to a bomb and push him
    out of a Blackhawk over Moscow.

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